Sustainable Seneca | Brand Identity for Seneca College

Sustainable Seneca Brand Identity Design for Seneca College Sustainable Seneca is a program to raise awareness about protecting the environment, developed by Seneca College. I was hired as a freelance designer to work on the brand identity Client: Seneca College Timeline: 3 months (January 2018 – March 2018) Role: Consult with professors, students and program […]

Kushies Baby | B2B Sale Catalogues

Kushies Baby Catalogues

B2B SALE CATALOGUES sale catalogues for B2B customers Every year Kushies updates their catalogues to make them look fresh and trendy. Each catalogues feature one category such as feeding, nursing, nursery, etc. I was responsible for the design of the 2021 catalogues. Client: Kushies Baby Timeline: Each catalogue took me about 2-3 weeks to finish, […]