Magnet Export

illustrations and storyboards for Magnet Export marketing videos

Magnet Export Portal wants to create a series of marketing and instructional videos. These videos aim to show new customer step by step details on how to sign up for a new account, as well as the benefit when becoming a partner with Magnet.

Client: Magnet Export Business Portal

Timeline: 4 months (May 2018 – August 2018)

Role: I’m responsible for creating storyboards and illustrations. The motion work is done Pradeep.

Tools Used: Paper and pen, Adobe Illustration

Team Member: Pradeep (

I started the process by reading the script provided by our client. Then I began to do initial sketches on paper, and consulted with the client for their feedback. After the paper sketch was approved, I created the digital storyboard. Finally, the other team member animated the graphics.